Production Supervisor

Job Description:As a Production Supervisor, you will work with the plant superintendent to ensure production operations are conducted in the most profitable and efficient manner through proper utilization of manpower, materials, equipment, and space. You will have responsibility for organizing all assigned resources to manufacture products according to the established schedule, and in keeping with approved quality standards. In this role, you will:•Supervise production team in performing production operations as outlined in team member handbook and safety manual.•Take responsibility for orientation and on-the-job training of team members.•Take responsibility for maintaining manpower within authorized levels, re-assigning team members as warranted to eliminate unfavorable labor variances. Recommend candidates for hire, promotion and demotion transfer or release.•Observe production operation to ascertain compliance with methods, quality standards, safety regulations, production standards, and efficient operation of equipment; take corrective action to eliminate any deviation.•Continuously evaluate operations and make recommendations to plant superintendent as to opportunities for improving production methods, tool design, reporting, cost controls, etc.•Consult with team members regarding on-the-job problems, including: low production; quality issues; attendance and tardiness. Document problems and provide action plans to plant superintendent for disposition.•Process all required payroll and HR forms in a timely manner. •Model appropriate leadership behavior that encourages quality and accountability.Desired competencies/behaviors You are a self-starter with strong problem solving skills. You take pride in your ability to maintain high levels of quality, service and productivity. As highly effective communicator, you interact well, verbally and in writing, with individuals at various levels. You are an active listener, able to probe and identify issues and concerns; you take ownership of issues. You have a knack for solving complex problems in a manner that is imaginative, thorough and practical.
Job Qualifications:Required Qualifications•University degree and 1 year minimum experience, or 2-year degree and 6 years minimum experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Preferred Skills/Education/Experience•Technical degree preferred.•4-6 years related production experience. •2 years supervisory experience.•Solid computer skills in a Microsoft Office environment.•Demonstrated leadership abilities and organizational skills.•Team player committed to working in a quality environment.

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Don't Be Fooled

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